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Pulling — the — bowstring

Putnam County Elementary School’s gym was full Feb. 1 as students gathered to showcase their skills in pulling the bowstring, and their families came to support them.

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Rogers to perform at Barrell 118 in downtown Eatonton

Putnam County has seen its fair share of talented individuals. From Alice Walker to Joel Chandler Harris, the town has helped raise some notable figures. One specifically talented individual from the area who is making it big in country music is artist Matt Rogers.

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The drought of 1986

In the summer of 1986, it might have been hard to choose who was more miserable: The farmers of the deep south or me.

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Painting a picture of America with music

A few hundred Putnam County students had a chance to listen to the music that “makes us think about America” as Kazanetti String Quartet performed at Putnam County Elementary and Primary schools Jan. 28.

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Lewis Latimer – an African American inventor

At the age of 15, Latimer enlisted in the Navy to serve in the Civil War. Once the war ended, he returned home to Boston to live. He later taught himself mechanical engineering drawing while working at a patent law firm earning $3 a week.

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Wife of arrested police officer found dead

Last week, an Eatonton Police officer was arrested on domestic violence charges and placed on administrative leave without pay pending an investigation.

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Eatonton enters Home Town Takeover contest

The city of Eatonton is competing in the HGTV Home Town Takeover contest. If Eatonton wins, the prize could be a makeover of the classic Pex Theater.

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