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Sign of the Times

Elizabeth Neese takes precautions to protect customers at Rana’s Travel Lodge in Eatonton from the threat of COVID-19 by wearing a handmade facemask. Local humanitarians created the personal protective equipment (PPE) for folks in the medical field and others who are on the front lines serving the community as the virus continues to spread throughout the U.S. Have you seen a sight that bugs you, captures your imagination or makes you wonder what’s going on? Tell us about it. Send email to or call 706-749-7232. CONTRIBUTED

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Is Kelly Loeffler's financial explanation a loser?

In 1984 when former Vice President Walter Mondale was running for president, he said something during the campaign he wished he had not said and later tried to correct his mistake. I don’t remember the details, but I do remember ABC’s Peter Jennings discussing the matter with political pundit George Will one evening.

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Lake party-goers pose a threat to everyone

#TestTestTest has been trending on social media and for good reason. Some folks are concerned to say the least as the death count rises from COVID-19. Some, not so much.

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Attempted burglar shot by homeowner, arrested

A home invasion went awry for the perpetrator Tuesday, March 24, when he was shot by the homeowner.

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Candidates qualify for 2020 election

The COVID-19 virus has caused the postponement of nearly all events including elections of those who could ultimately be responsible for making decisions during a pandemic.

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The novel coronavirus pandemic has no regard for ethnicity nor does it have any barriers or boundaries as it threatens all of humanity.

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Authorities disperse lake parties

The novel coronavirus has put a wet blanket over parties on lakes Sinclair and Oconee.

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