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A Menu Fit for Family Mornings

Many spring celebrations call for fabulous food, specifically dishes fit for brunch, even if your “crowd” is simply your nearest loved ones gathered at the family table. A wide variety of recipes may fit the festivities, but a combination of comforting bites with sweet and savory flavors is perfect for appeasing all appetites.

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Film Fodder

“The Kindergarten Teacher” is a Netflix original movie that debuted in 2018. It stars Maggie Gyllenhaal as Lisa Spinelli, a kindergarten teacher in New York, whose true passion is writing amateur poetry. She becomes convinced that one of her students, Jimmy Roy, is a poet prodigy akin to Mozart. She becomes obsessed with Jimmy, writing all of his poetry down, taking him to poetry readings, and trying to nurture his creative mind. The problem with this, is that Jimmy’s parents don’t approve, his father wants him to focus on being a “normal kid” and not pursue an artistic path in life.

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Pastors pray for PGH staff

As cases of COVID-19 have been identified in surrounding counties, centered, the Rev. Jacob Roberts, of Eatonton First Baptist Church, prays over Putnam General Hospital on March 30. Practicing the critical safety guideline of social distancing, PGH staff and supporters gathered at noon in front of the hospital on Greensboro Highway where the local pastor and several deacons called upon the Lord to protect those who are protecting the people in a pandemic. “I have been burdened to pray for the hospital and medical staff of our community, as they are on the front line every day during this virus,” said Roberts. “God did something amazing and while we were praying, staff from the hospital came out to uplift prayer and hear us.” CONTRIBUTED

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Nearly $ 20,000 raised to support Linda Burke

Thanks to the generous support of the community, Putnam County Middle School paraprofessional and girls basketball coach Linda Burke, who was paralyzed in a horrific car accident last October, is making some great progress in raising funds to purchase a handicapped lift van needed for her everyday life. According to PCMS teacher Cathy Tuel, $1,700 has been raised in the Go Fund Me account “Scoring for Linda Burke” and $2,000 was raised from the 3v3 basketball tourney at the elementary school. She has received a $15,000 grant through a relief fund for handicapped individuals and found a van to purchase in the amount of $27,000. Unfortunately, Linda remains about $8,000 short of the money needed to buy the van. Although grant pursuit continues, Linda is still in need of help and the Go Fund Me account remains open and active if anyone can reach out and help this deserving educator in her journey back to normalcy.

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Sewing for Safety

Madison mother-daughter duo Jeanea and Keeli Windham have set their sights on making a difference in the lives of healthcare professionals across the state by producing handmade medical masks.

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The spawn has already begun for many lake species

Last week, I talked about the migration that freshwater fish go through leading up to their spawn. Knowing the migration routes of the various lake species as they move toward their spawning grounds is important if you are going to be successful in catching your targeted specie.

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Rotary Club Honors February students of the month

The Rotary Club of Greene and Putnam Counties is pleased to announce the following Students-of-the-Month for February 2020: Isabella Stickley (Gatewood Schools), Mya Yolisha Greene (Greene County High School), Jessica Patino (Lake Oconee Academy), Grant Bear (Nathanael Greene Academy), and Ryleigh Holloway (Putnam County High School).

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