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A community for all generations

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A community for all generations

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As a rural Georgia community, it is important for members of every generation to be active and participate in our civic duties.

Whether it is getting involved in local civic organizations such as Kiwanis or Lions clubs, doing volunteer work on fighting blight or serving in a political capacity, there are many ways to be involved, regardless if you’re a baby boomer or echo boomer.

For the younger generations, this is certainly more important since those holding these positions won’t be around forever. The younger you can join groups and learn the different protocols, the sooner you can give back.

For some, Putnam County won’t be where they reside forever, and for those of you in that situation, we certainly understand that you may find your future in Athens, Atlanta or another community. However, this will always be your home.

It will be where you have your Christmas dinners, stay on breaks out of college and might find a calling to return someday. You may leave home, but home never leaves you.

If that is the case, why not use this area as a starting point for a legacy you want to create in making the world a better place? No matter what city, county, state or country you find yourself going to, there will always be people with those same goals.

Community is important, and that is something that will never change. Every community has their problems, and it is necessary to help fix those.

Over the years, communities will change. There is no telling whether or not a fundraiser you organize can help complete a project that changes the town, or political decisions your voice helped influence can bring jobs to the region.

New generations breed and provide new ideas. This community, just like every other one in the world, needs a fresh set of eyes.