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“Operation Finale”

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“Operation Finale” shows the true story behind the capture of World War II war criminal Adolf Eichmann (played by Ben Kingsley). Eichmann was known as the “architect of the Holocaust” and was one of the highest-ranking Nazi officials to be put on trial for crimes committed against the Jewish people during World War II.

The movie follows a group of Israeli secret agents who are tasked with finding Eichmann, who has been hiding under an assumed name in Argentina, and bringing him to Israel to stand trial. Lead by Peter Malkin (Oscar Isaac), the group kept Eichmann in a safe house for eleven days before they were able to transport him safely out of the country.

Going into this movie, I was expecting a suspense filled spy drama focusing mainly on spies chasing down Nazis. I was a little disappointed because, while the movie had some suspenseful parts and was entertaining, it was not filled with the excitement that I was anticipating. Most of the film takes place after the group captured Eichmann while they are keeping him captive in a safe house awaiting safe transit back to Israel. There is a lot of dialogue during this period and, while most of it is interesting, I found bits of it were a little dry and dull.

While I found parts of the movie dry and boring, the cast handles their respective parts very well. Ben Kingsley does a fantastic job as Eichmann and really takes the viewer into the mind of a vicious war criminal. Oscar Isaac does an amazing job playing Malkin, whose job was to get into the head of Eichmann and have him to sign a document saying he would willingly go to Israel. The rest of the secret agents were played by Nick Kroll, Melanie Laurent, Lior Raz and Michael Aronov. These actors portrayed well how the Holocaust had lasting, personal effects on individuals and not just an entire race.

The movie is definitely one where you have to pay attention the entire time, which can be difficult because parts are quite dry. The movie is two hours long and, to me, seemed to drag on in places. I thought a few scenes were unnecessary and repetitive. I would have enjoyed the movie more if it was streamlined better. It’s also very hard to “enjoy” a movie that is about such a dark subject. It is not a movie that you should take the whole family to on a family outing. Although, if you are interested in learning more about Adolf Eichmann, this movie is very well done and from what little knowledge I have on the subject, mostly accurate.

“Operation Finale” is rated PG-13 for disturbing thematic content and related violent images and some language. There is a lot of original and reenacted violent footage of the Holocaust, so if you are sensitive to these events, this movie may not be for you.

“Operation Finale” is a very well-made, well-acted movie with a lot of interesting information. However, it can get a little dry and is emotionally draining. It earns 3 out of 5 stars.