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Decision on PGH was sound

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Decision on PGH was sound

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On Friday, the Putnam County Board of Commissioners, in a 3-2 vote, agreed to provide the $150,000 of additional funding to Putnam General Hospital that was strongly debated in previous weeks.

Given the importance of the hospital to our area for long-term growth, we applaud the action taken by the board.

Without a hospital, there is no hope for long-term growth. It is of immense importance the county does all it possibly can to keep the facilities in operation. Alongside a workforce and a strong public school system, that is the trifecta which keeps a county strong.

This hospital was built to serve the needs of Putnam County and its citizens, and it will continue to do so. In a time when not everyone can afford all of its services, which is why counties more and more often are providing funding for indigent care.

Everyone needs to think about a Putnam County without a hospital and what that would mean. If someone has a stroke in downtown Eatonton, where would they go?

If there was an accident on U.S. 441, where would the victims be transported?

For those who visit specialists in the county, they would have to cross Lake Oconee, Lake Sinclair or the Morgan County line to access another hospital.

As our retiree community continues to grow, which it will, and as more industry comes into Putnam County, which it will, the hospital will become that much more essential.

Navicent understands that, which is why they stepped in to offer help to Putnam General. That’s why they took over the hospital in Milledgeville as well. They know the area is growing and that the hospitals will continue to be paramount in those respective communities.

We understand it’s never easy to decide where to delegate the money of the taxpayers, but that is what our leaders are elected to do. We thank those who understand just how important it is to support our town.