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City Clerk Sarah Abrams retires

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City Clerk Sarah Abrams retires

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SHANNON SNEED/Staff Eatonton City Clerk Sarah Abrams (center, left) is presented a proclamation by Mayor Walt Rocker Jr. (center, right) and Council Members (from left) James Gorley, Teresa Doster, Alvin Butts, Bill Mangum, Janie

Eatonton City Clerk Sarah Abrams is part of the glue that has held the city of Eatonton together for decades. Recently, Abrams announced her retirement after 39 years.

Mayor Walt Rocker Jr., Mayor Pro Tem Chip Walker and City Council Members Teresa Doster, James Gorley, Bill Mangum, Janie Reid and Alvin Butts honored the esteemed local leader with a proclamation at a Aug. 20 meeting.

“This is a proclamation without a whole lot of joy,” Mayor Walter Rocker Jr. said before reading the decree to the public.

Abrams was hired as a bookkeeper and customer service clerk for the Eatonton Water Department in October of 1979. The proclamation states that because of her diligence and conscience work, Mayor and City Council appointed her to the position of City Clerk in October of 2000.

“Throughout her 39 years of public service Ms. Abrams devoted numerous hours of her time and talent and energy toward the public of the community and she has set a lasting example to those around her by serving the community with integrity, fairness and kindness,” Rocker read.

Not only showing admiration for Abram’s dedication to the citizens of Eatonton, council members noted how much they also appreciated the assistance of Abrams through the years.

Gary Sanders, city administrator, said when he saw an envelope on his desk he knew what that letter was before he opened it.

“And it was almost impossible to open,” he said.

Sanders thanked Abrams for everything she has done for him and the city of Eatonton, noting she had set a great example for those around her.

Mayor Pro Tem Chip Walker said Abrams had not only been a great clerk, but also a great friend.

“She did it in her own way, but if there was something you needed to do, she would remind you of it until you did it,” said Walker, noting he was one of many who got that reminder more than once.

“She’s helped me many times and I can’t tell everybody in the city of Eatonton what Ms. Sarah has meant to me personally as well as to the city council and the mayor as well as the citizens of Eatonton,” Walker said. “I hope they all look back and appreciate what she’s done, and if you get the chance, thank her for it because she has been a valuable asset to the city of Eatonton.”

There’s a lot to thank Abrams for after years of dedication to the town she grew up in.

A noted success from her days at Putnam County High School, where she graduated in 1971, Abrams was class reporter, a mathematician and an advanced art student.

A strong advocate for a cure for cancer, Abrams has been fighting to eradicate the disease for decades, volunteering at several organizations and events in Putnam County to bring awareness and prevention.

Her achievements did not go unnoticed by the community as she was honored for her humanitarianism during National Women’s History month.

Thanking Abrams, Council Member Alvin Butts said that in her own way she would nudge city council members until they got it right, and he appreciated that.

“Every time I’ve called you when I’ve needed help you always helped me out and I appreciate that,” Butts said.

Council Member Bill Mangum expressed those same sentiments.

“I too would like to express my appreciation to Ms. Sarah because she certainly was a big asset to me when I was trying to fill out these forms,” Mangum said. “I appreciate you looking after me.”

Council Member Teresa Doster congratulated Abrams on her retirement and expressed her appreciation for her professionalism through the years.

“I don’t know who else is going to be able to do your job,” Doster said. “Those are big shoes to fill.”

Abrams brother, Council Member James Gorley, thanked her for keeping him out of the funny papers many times.

“You have been an inspiration to me over the years, helped me do the paperwork and made sure I got it filed on time,” Gorley said. “The council is going to miss her.”

Abrams said her plans after retirement was to begin a new chapter in her life.

“I hope that I’ve done my best to assist each of you with whatever I could help you with,” she told council members. “And I hope I have served the citizens of Eatonton well and kept y’all out of the doghouse.”