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Back to school

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Back to school

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Summer is officially over, and the community schools are back in session.

The schools in the Putnam County Charter School System started on Wednesday, Aug. 1 while Gatewood started on Friday, Aug. 10.

Now that everybody is back from their summer vacations and other activities, the community is back to its full capacity, which is good news. Especially as the lake season continues and people still come to Lake Oconee and Lake Sinclair during the weekends.

That means more contributions to our local economy that will keep it thriving. It means more weekend events and opportunities for the community to enjoy their surroundings. Whether it is enjoying the many museums and stops, walking the trails at Rock Hawk or relaxing at the lakes.

The momentum has returned, which means there are more opportunities to help generate a better quality of life in Eatonton and Putnam County, something often advocated by entities throughout Central Georgia.

Quality of life isn’t limited to issues of blight, the quality of care or eradicating crime. It’s about citizen participation in shaping the future of the place they call home.

It’s not just about the county and city providing trails, parks and greenspace. It’s also about the residents here utilizing those locations. It’s about showing you care about what occurs in your town and encouraging more activities to drive people from other parts of the state to learn what Putnam County has to offer.

While the new school year means many families have to return to the day to day rigor of the school year and work week, it also offers the opportunity for these families to take what they saw and enjoyed in other places and suggest something similar happen here.

We can’t wait to see what new ideas are generated this year in the community.