E-P Water and Sewer Authority has little regard for people it serves


Well it seems we the people have elected persons who are not protecting our individual rights.

For those who may not know -- Putnam County has acquired all water rights in this county. This means you cannot drill a private well, if county/city water is within a certain distance to your property. You will not be issued a permit!

How am I aware of this? There was a takeover of a private water system that supplied water to

many residents. It was purchased and resold three times in 90 days. It finally became property of Putnam County.


Mayor Rocker responds to 10 year old's recycling plea

(Editor's note: This letter is in response to one a Putnam County Elementary School fifth grade student had submitted last month to Eatonton Mayor Walter Rocker Jr. It spotlighted the need for more recycling efforts in Eatonton and Putnam County. The Messenger also published the 10 year old's letter in its Sept. 8 edition.)


Dear Gianna (Bynoe):

Thank you for your note of Aug. 19. I love your attitude about your county. You are right, there are lots of good people in Eatonton.

The city does not have a recycling program, but the county does. If you look, you should find a county facility close by.

Good luck and thanks again for the letter.

Mayor Walter Rocker Jr.



Girl, 10, makes recycling plea to Mayor Rocker

(Editor's note: The following letter is from a Putnam County Elementary School fifth grade student and is a copy of one the 10-year-old student submitted to Eatonton Mayor Walter Rocker Jr.)


Dear Mayor Rocker:

Congratulations on your recent win!

I’m writing to you about a very important matter.

I moved to the great community of Eatonton in February 2015 from Boston, Mass.

I really enjoy living in Eatonton! There are lots of nice people, really good food, and my days of sitting in traffic are over. =).


Watch for announcements on county budget hearings

Putnam County District 3 Commissioner Alan Foster walks along North Madison Avenue in the Putnam County Dairy Festival Parade earlier this summer. Cars were available for the commissioners to ride in, but Foster said he preferred to hoof it. (Photo by Don Richeson.)

By Alan Foster / Guest Columnist

EATONTON -- On Friday, July 29 and Monday Aug. 1, the Putnam County Board of Commissioners scheduled budget presentations from the following county departments, authorities and constitutional offices: EMS, Fire and Rescue, Health Department, Hospital, Department of Family and Children’s Services, Library, Public Works, Public Transit, Zoning, Chamber of Commerce, Recreation, Animal Control and detailed presentations from our Sheriff, Tax Commissioner, Clerk of Superior Court, State Court Judge, Probate Court, District Attorney and the Director of the Putnam Development Authority.

Not a single member of the general public or press attended the advertised budget sessions. That’s unfortunate, since anyone attending would have had a much deeper appreciation for the value they receive for their tax dollars, as well as an understanding of the challenges we face as a community.


Gator in Lake Sinclair alarms Putnam couple, who want it gone

An alligator was removed from Lake Sinclair several months ago, but another one is now frequenting the Cedar Creek area of the lake. (Contributed photo.)


An alligator has been spotted on many occasions in the Cedar Creek area of Lake Sinclair. It is a recreational area, where people put their boats in the water and where people and children are often wading and swimming.

On one occasion, the alligator was seen moving towards two dogs that were on the shoreline.

We have contacted the Georgia Department of Natural Resources in reference to the removal of the alligator from recreational waters that are used by many swimmers and boaters throughout the summer. They have informed us that the alligator poses no threat.

Obviously, after the incident in Florida, there is a huge concern for the safety of both children and pets in this area. Is there anything anyone can do to shed light on this?

Wayne and Sandra Yeomans

Putnam County


Putnam Poll for July 7, 2016

This week's poll respondents include, from left, Billy Popham, Stephanie Miller, Matthew Degner, Wanda Batchelor and Billy Coker. (Photos by Don Richeson.)


There has been a lot in the news recently about the dangers of catching the Zika virus, which can cause birth defects. Zika is mostly spread through mosquito bites. Have you been taking any extra steps this summer to avoid catching it, like using more mosquito repellant or pouring out standing water where mosquitos can breed?

"There's not a problem unless you live in a swampy area or don't take care of your yard. It's not a problem unless you let it be one."

Billy Popham

Jones County

(former Putnam County resident)


Putnam Poll for June 30, 2016

This week's Putnam Poll respondents include, from left, Matt Housworth, Haley Housworth, Lex Andrews, Tayon Spencer and Hannah Housworth. To suggest a poll question, email editor@msgr.com or call 706-485-3501, ext. 418. (Photos by Don Richeson.) 

In looking back through the years, what Fourth of July experience or memory most stands out in your mind?

"My dad letting me shoot off fireworks for the very first time when I was 6 or 7."

Matt Housworth

Putnam County

"Last year we went to my dad's parents' house and we were blowing bubbles and doing sparklers out at Lake Oconee. It was real fun."

Haley Housworth

Putnam County

"Shooting fireworks off on Church Street and seeing the big explosions. Then later we'd have a good cookout.


Many helped to keep floating fireball from burning Lake Sinclair docks

Putnam and Baldwin counties' rescue and firefighting personnel prepare to deploy to fight a boat fully engulfed in flames on Lake Sinclair last week. (Contributed photo.)


On June 23, we arrived home to find a boat on fire in the middle of Lake Sinclair. Before we knew it, the boat started drifting toward our dock and our neighbor’s dock.

Employees of Sunshine Contracting Services attempted to move the boat away from the docks using long poles and jumping in the water to save our docks. We are thankful for all the individuals who helped -- Putnam County Fire and Rescue, Putnam County Sheriff’s Department, Baldwin County Fire Rescue, the employees of Sunshine Contracting Services and Keith Walker for averting what could have been a major disaster.

Bill and JoDell Bibby

Putnam County


Webster delivers moving Veterans Wall of Honor speech

Putnam County District 4 Commissioner Billy Webster delivers the keynote address Monday morning at the Putnam County community Memorial Day observance. (Photo by Don Richeson.)

Click on link below for a Messenger photo gallery from the Putnam County community Memorial Day 2016 observance:




By Billy Webster / Guest Columnist

EATONTON -- Good morning to my fellow veterans, honored guests, ladies and gentlemen. I am extremely humbled to have this opportunity to share a memory or two with you on this most solemn of days when we pause to honor and remember those who have fought and died in service to our country.


Putnam Poll for June 2, 2016

This week's Putnam Poll respondents include, from left, Sheila Perry, Maj. Carlie Williams, Russell Thomas, Warren “Master Blaster” Yates and Rebecca Rice. (Photos by Don Richeson.)



What are you most looking forward to about this Saturday’s Putnam County Dairy Festival? Why?


“Getting to see old friends that come back home for the festival.”

Sheila Perry

Putnam County


“This will be the first one I’ve been to because we’re usually always away at (Army ROTC) camp then.”

Maj. Carlie Williams

Putnam County


“Everybody likes the free ice cream!”

Russell Thomas

Putnam County


“Me doing one of my live remote radio broadcasts on AM 1610, WYMB!

Warren “Master Blaster” Yates



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