Social media affects news accuracy

The Eatonton Messenger's EDITORIAL 06-15-17

First, we extend our sympathies to the families of the slain Georgia Department of Corrections officers and to the many GDOC guards and law enforcement officers who lost two of their own Tuesday.

It has been awhile, thankfully, since Putnam County has experienced any bad news that hit the national scale; but the fatal shooting of Sergeants Christopher Monica and Curtis Billue, and escape of two inmates did just that.

The presence of so many law enforcement agencies and news media trucks in town caused telephones at The Messenger to ring non-stop. But most notable were the postings on social media and how the Internet actually affected the reporting of the news.


Outstanding lake cardiologist is honored at party

Lake Oconee cardiologist Dr. Nicolas Chronos, left, receives an award Friday from Yaketa Heath-Green during a party in his honor at El Sitio Mexican Grill. (Photo by Don Richeson.)





Messenger Putnam Poll for Feb, 2, 2017

This week's respondents include, from left, Breona Simmons, Ketius Lamar, Jonathan McCarthy, Carol Ann Guthrie and Debi Rogers. 

The 51st Super Bowl is set for 6:30 p.m. Sunday, Feb. 5 in Houston. It features the Atlanta Falcons vs. the New England Patriots. Which team are you rooting for to win? Why?
“The Atlanta Falcons. Atlanta is the capital of Georgia. The Falcons haven’t won one yet and they deserve it.”
Breona Simmons
“The Atlanta Falcons. I feel like we have the number one offence and a really good defense.”
Ketius Lamar
“The Patriots. They are on a winning streak with (Tom) Brady and I’m from Massachusetts.”
Jonathan McCarthy
“Falcons, all the way. Because they have Julio (Jones). He’s a 'Bama boy.”
Carol Ann Guthrie
“Falcons for sure. You always want your home team to win.”
Debi Rogers


Jan. 14 barbecue to help Eatonton man get transplant


William Shupe, 49, Eatonton, was diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver with ascites, or fluid build-up in the abdomen, as a byproduct of his liver not functioning properly.

“They said my liver was in bad shape and that I would need to have a liver transplant as soon as possible.” he said.

Following his diagnosis, he had to start going to Emory Transplant Center in Atlanta and quit drinking and smoking immediately to enact a lifestyle change.

Unable to work, and the cost of all the visits to Emory and Milledgeville for doctors' appointmentshas forced him to rely on his parents, Doris and Carey Shupe, for help.

He hopes with assistance he will be able to get back where he once was – to be able to spend more time with his daughter, Kiersten Shupe.


Sheriff Sills: Georgia deputies deserve pay more in line with state troopers

Putnam County Sheriff Howard Sills

By Sheriff Howard Sills / Special to The Eatonton Messenger

Dear Fellow Georgians,

I live in a fine community where it is quite common for citizens to approach me and ask what they can do to help us. I know police officers don’t always have such a relationship with the people they serve and I am most grateful for support like this, especially these days. I am about to ask you to help me and all the deputy sheriffs and city police in this state.

My career in law enforcement has now spanned 43 years, and I began my sixth term in office as the sheriff of Putnam County two days ago. I have seen and been part of phenomenal changes in this profession over the years, but I regretfully now clearly recognize that we have reached a crisis point for law enforcement in our country of which the average citizen is just unaware.


EPWSA is responsible for upkeep of Eatonton's fire hydrants


In October, I submitted a letter to the editor regarding the responsibility for the maintenance for the hydrants in the city of Eatonton. At that time, I stated that I felt that it should rest solely on the residents of the city. I made that judgment based on the information that I had at that time. It was in error.

On Nov. 30, I had a very cordial and informative meeting with Eatonton Mayor Walter Rocker Jr. I had the opportunity to read some very legal documents regarding some changes that were made several years ago. The documents stated that it is the responsibility of the Eatonton-Putnam Water and Sewer Authority to maintain all hydrants in the city of Eatonton. I am now convinced that EPSWA is in fact responsible for the upkeep of said hydrants. I stand corrected.

I want to thank Mayor Rocker for the opportunity to meet with him, and gain some knowledge on this topic.

James W. Spicer


In wake of two homes destroyed by fire, Eatonton fire hydrant situation alarms resident

This photo, taken by a North Jefferson Avenue resident, shows a hydrant that is useless as a fire ravages a house in the background Nov. 8. (Contributed photo.)


By Lyn Romine / Guest Columnist

EATONTON -- The folks up on North Jefferson Avenue are very concerned about the water hydrant issue that our city is facing. Sadly, it took two fires, at 610 N. Jefferson Ave. on July 4, 2015 and at 505 N. Jefferson Ave., on Nov. 8, for us to realize that instead of having the three working water hydrants on our street, there was only one, and it was at the corner of Jefferson and High Street.  This hydrant has to provide water protection for all the homes from that corner north to the Eatonton Motel.

Getting water on a fire quickly and continuously is imperative in saving property and lives, and it takes time to run hoses to other working hydrants; as we sadly witnessed again this past week when the fire broke out on North Jefferson Avenue.


City of Eatonton-EPWSA inaction on fire hydrant problem flabbergasts man

This fire hydrant on North Jefferson Avenue has a top that is painted black -- indicating it lacks adequate pressure to fight fires. It is near an area where two homes have burned down over the past year -- including one this week. (Photo by Don Richeson.)


We had another house burn down on North Jefferson Avenue. How many more Eatonton homes have to burn down before the hydrants are fixed and made operational for the fire department to use?

One across from Imperial Mill has been defective since 1940 or 1941.

In the 2000s and each year thereafter, I called twice a year to the city and water department and then Eatonton-Putnam Water and Sewer Authority after they took over.

While the city was in control, I was told they had work orders in to repair it. They must have had a stack of them.

When they had a major repair going to the Imperial Mill water line before EPWSA – about two years ago -- I requested a work order to have to have the hydrant fixed while they were repairing the water line. This was submitted twice to them and the fire chief has also submitted work orders for the repairs.


Government "fixes" not necessarily answer to what's ailing schools


In the town of Lala Land, there are two schools, Sunshine and Gray Cloud.

Every Sunshine teacher scored at least 95 on the Teacher Competency Test. PTA membership is 100 percent and their 500 students, all from stable families, benefit from dozens of parent volunteers. Their average student test score was 96. 

Every Gray Cloud teacher scored at least 95 on the TCT. There is no PTA to support them and most of their 500 students speak limited English. Their average student test score was 45, so the government labeled Gray Cloud a “failing” school. To help fix the situation, the government declared that children at Gray Cloud may transfer to Sunshine. So half the Gray Cloud parents moved their kids to the “better” school.


Note earlier deadline on election letters

If you are thinking about submitting a letter about a candidate in the upcoming Nov. 8 election, we urge you to act soon.

In keeping with The Messenger's longstanding policy, there is an early cut-off for letters about candidates running in the election. We will only accept letters about the candidates running for the contested Dist. 1 and 2 county commission seat and state representative Dist. 145 seat in one more issue -- our Oct. 27 edition. (The turn-in deadline is Monday morning.) These letters will be run as space permits, but we will make an effort to print as many letters as we can. Letters about candidates will not be published in our last issue before the election (the Nov. 3 issue).

While we cut off readers’ letters about candidates with the Oct. 27 edition, we will allow each candidate to submit a letter himself or herself for the Nov. 3 edition, if he or she so chooses.


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