McIver ranch to be auctioned

This photo from the Putnam County Tax Assessor's site shows some improvements and additions that were made to the back of the Pea Ridge Road house in 2005. 

The Putnam County estate of Tex and Diane McIver will be auctioned off in August.

On April 22, a Fulton County jury found Tex guilty of murder in the Sept. 25, 2016 shooting death of his wife, Diane. He received a life sentence (30 years). McIver all along has said the shooting was an accident, and his attorneys reportedly filed for a new trial.

According to the Putnam County Tax Assessor’s website, the ranch on Pea Ridge Road is more than 80 acres, and includes a barn used for entertaining, and a 4,572-sq.-ft. house with an in-ground swimming pool. During the murder trial in Fulton County, the ranch was touted to be worth $750,000.

According to reports, Tex’s civil lawyers and the court-appointed executor of Diane McIver’s estate have agreed to sell the property at auction, but have not yet agreed on the division of the ownership.

The auction will be handled by Ahlers & Ogletree, the same company that handled the auction of Diane’s clothes and collectibles a few weeks after her death. Follow this link to the announcement of the ranch auction for more details and photos:


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