Canoe returns to shore without man

Putnam County Sheriff's Officer and DNR officers are currently searching Lake Sinclair for a missing person after a canoe was seen capsized near the shore. 

According to DNR Cpl. Lynn Stanford, a call came in to PCSO shortly before 5 p.m. Witnesses said they saw a man canoing earlier and then later saw that same canoe overturned with personal debris around it.

Stanford said sunglasses and an oar were floating near the canoe, and a life jacket and cooler were underneath it.

Witnesses told authorities who the man is who normally uses the canoe, but authorities are not releasing his name yet.  Stanford said they are treating this as a missing person case.

DNR rangers are using sonar in the waters about a half-mile from Oconee Springs Park, where they are searching for the missing boater.

PCSO deputies went to the home of the person witnesses believed was in the canoe, but no one was there.

“We will continue searching through the night,” Stanford said.

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