Putnam Recreation holds tourney despite rain

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By Brandon Bush



Despite what the weather might say, it’s still baseball season in Putnam County.

The Putnam County Recreation Department has been rescheduling a number of its youth baseball games this season due to rain. However, the weather held off just enough for the department to hold its 8U Coach Pitch District Tournament on Saturday.

The tournament, which was supposed to also be played Friday but had to be moved entirely to Saturday due to weather, featured five teams from the surrounding areas, including a team representing Putnam County. The Putnam County team played well, but exited the double-elimination tournament early after being defeated by the Baldwin County team, 16-0, and the Jones County-Gold team, 15-6.

“Our team is young,” Putnam County Recreation athletic director Scott Haley said. “They played hard and had some good moments out there. We have a young team, but they had a good season.”

The department had to shuffle many of its events in recent weeks due to the inclement weather. The department’s 13-14 league, which only consists of a Putnam County team and a Jasper County team, had its most recent game scheduled for Monday canceled due to a sudden thunderstorm that afternoon.

“Most stuff we will try and reschedule, but it just won’t be at ideal times,” Haley said about constantly rescheduling games due to weather. “We just have to keep on moving things until we find some good days. The fields are holding up good; it rained a lot last Friday and we still ended up playing the next day. You just have to battle through it.”

Despite having to funnel the entire tournament into one day, the department still saw some quality baseball as Jones County-Purple came away with an 11-0 victory.

Although many games have been moved and schedules have been shuffled, the department is pressing on with its plans as the next tournament – the 10U District 3 Dixie Youth Baseball tournament – is set to kick off on June 29. This tournament will feature six teams from the surrounding area, including two Putnam County teams: Putnam County – Navy and Putnam County – Red.

The department is also beginning its Adult Co-ed Church Softball league this Thursday, featuring six teams made up of Putnam churches and a church from Milledgeville. Although more rain is definitely a possibility in the near future, the fields have been greatly cared for and maintained to ensure that baseball continues this year.

Haley gave a special thanks to the coaching staff of the Putnam County 8U team – head coach William Thompson and assistant coaches Clyde Harper, Brian Wooten and Keith Davis – and noted their importance in running the team.

“I want to especially thank our coaches,” Haley said. “They’ve worked hard with our teams our here. Without our coaches, we wouldn’t be able to put these kids out there.”

If the weather improves, the Putnam County Recreation Department will continue to host baseball games throughout the summer. For more information on future events with the department, visit http://www.putnamcountyga.us/departments/recreation/.

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