BREAKING NEWS: Dubose interview after manhunt played at hearing

Ricky Dubose, one of two inmates who became part of a nationwide manhunt after the death of two corrections officers, told special agents their escape had not been planned, according to a video recorded interview played in Putnam County Superior Court Wednesday morning.

The hearing was to determine if the video could be used at trial.

In the interview immediately after his surrender in Tennessee last year, Dubose told agents from the Federal and Tennessee Bureaus of Investigation (FBI and TBI) that escaping was always on his mind. However, the June 13, 2017 escape  from a Department of Corrections transport bus in Putnam County was spur of the moment.

Dubose said he was able to unlock the cage door on the bus while stopped at Baldwin State Prison where they were picking up more inmates. He put the lock back – unlocked – so it would appear as the guards had left it.

Dubose said the guards were off the bus getting other inmates and claimed that he was the lone shooter.

Dubose and his co-defendant, Donnie Rowe – who is being tried separately – were being taken from Hancock State Prison to the Georgia Diagnostic Class Prison in Jackson.
Dubose sat, clad in a blue dress shirt and khaki pants and wearing shackles, between his defense attorneys Wednesday and watched the video in court with Superior Court Judge Alison T. Burleson presiding.

In the video, Dubose provided detailed descriptions of everything that happened leading up to the shooting murder of the two DOC guards – Christopher Monica and Curtis Billue – and every detail of the escape.

Following the video, law enforcement officers were presented on the witness stand and questioned by prosecutors and defense. The court hearing continued past the newspaper’s press time.

Burleson said she would make her ruling at a hearing next week.

See next week’s edition for the complete story of Dubose’s interview.

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