Putnam recreation baseball team defeats Jasper

Jacob Grimes tosses a pitch against the visiting team from the Jasper County Recreation Department.  

PHOTO: Brandon Bush

By Brandon Bush



As the month of June begins, recreational baseball continues rolling.

The Putnam County Recreation Department held a game in its 2018 13-14 Pony Baseball Boys league on Monday, where the Putnam County team defeated the visiting team from the Jasper County Recreation Department in a lopsided 12-3 victory.

Along with the recreation departments of Greene and Morgan counties, Putnam and Jasper typically create leagues together for their baseball seasons. This year, however, only one Jasper team and only one Putnam team are in the league together, meaning the two teams will play each other for the whole season.

The big win for the Putnam team was the first time all season the team saw the field at all because recent inclement weather prevented the teams from playing any games or even having any prior practices.

“We played well,” Putnam coach Richard Boyer said. “It was two young teams playing each other. This was our first game and practice, so we’re just getting started.”

The Jasper County team got off to a hot start, immediately ripping off three runs and keeping the bases loaded before Putnam went on offense. However, Christian Black got things started with a good base hit before stealing his way to third.

Putnam got more runners on base thanks to Jasper County’s erratic pitching before Chase Lupton had the first of his two inside-the-park homers, bringing the score back to a three-run tie. By the end of the first inning, Putnam had taken the lead, 5-3.

Jasper County had a quiet second inning compared to the first, quickly gaining three outs to put Putnam back on the offensive. Four more Putnam runs came in the bottom of the second inning before the side could be retired, bringing the score to 9-3.

Lupton fired off his second inside-the-park homer to bring in another three runs before the game was called in the third inning, leaving the Putnam County team with a 12-3 victory.

“All the boys are playing a lot of weekend ball, and a lot of the boys are playing for their school,” Boyer said. “So, they are still getting work off the field. We’re going to be practicing twice a week starting next week, and we’ll be scrimmaging teams in the local area.”

The Putnam and Jasper recreation departments will continue playing games in the 13-14 league, with the next match being as soon as Thursday at the Jasper County Recreation Department.

“We’ll see them Thursday night,” Boyer said. “We’re going to practice one time before. We’re going to be doing pretty much the same things and just getting the team ready.”

The Putnam County Recreation Department is also planning a whole summer of events, and anybody interested can visit http://www.putnamcountyga.us/departments/recreation/ for more information.

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