War Eagles hold spring practice

The Eagle offensive line practices firing off the ball during a Putnam County spring practice.  

PHOTO: Brandon Bush 

By Brandon Bush



Spring football is underway in Putnam County.

The War Eagles have held spring football practice the last two weeks, beginning on May 7 and lasting until May 18, when Putnam will host Greenbrier and Washington-Wilkes for its 2018 spring game.

The 2018 season is a big transition year for the War Eagles. New Putnam head coach, Shaun Pope, spent the first week of practice attempting to get the team and the new coaches familiar with each other.

“Everybody’s really responding well,” Pope said. “We’ve had a great turnout. The kids are working really hard and there’s a lot of excitement and energy, so we’re going to build on that.”

Since taking over as head football coach earlier this year, Pope has been preparing the War Eagles to improve from the year before in 2018. Pope served as defensive coordinator for Putnam prior to being selected as head coach and took part in the 2017 season that saw Putnam go 5-5 and just narrowly miss the playoffs.

Even though the season is a summer away, it’s never too early to get the team acquainted with the basics.

“We’ve been working on installing our offense and defense,” Pope said, describing some of the things the team has been doing during spring practice. “We’re working a lot on fundamentals and we have two different coordinators coming in, so we’re making a few changes on both sides of the ball.”

Many new faces, both on the coaching staff and on the field, will be present for this year’s season as several seniors left big holes to fill, including the quarterback position that was left vacant by departing senior Simon Petite.

“Ethan Crouch has really stepped up,” Pope said, mentioning new quarterbacks who could potentially go under center this season. “Deon Daniels is another guy. Both those guys were with us last year and they’ve really been competing for the spot.”

Pope also recognized Cedrion Brundage and Jake Burgess, two rising freshmen who have shown promise during the War Eagles’ spring practice.

Pope said that the team has seen some film from previous seasons on Washington-Wilkes and Greenbrier in preparation for the spring game. According to Pope, the spring game will be a good “measuring stick” for determining the team’s course of action over the summer as it prepares for the season.

The spring game will kick off at 6:30 p.m. on May 18 at Al Reaves Field in Eatonton.

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