Recreation department prepares for spring sports

A field at the recreation department undergoes the process of having the backstop nets changed.  

PHOTO: Brandon Bush

By Brandon Bush


In baseball, Gatewood is in the thick of its season while Putnam County is wrapping up.

However, other parts of the county are just getting started on the diamond. The Putnam County Recreation Department has been gearing up for another baseball season as well as preparing for other spring and summer events.

“[Baseball] is one of our big seasons around here,” Putnam County Recreation Department athletic director Scott Haley said. “We still have a lot of work to do – repairing batting cages; netting; getting the field ready; that’s been our main focus lately. With the weather warming up, we can do more.”

The recreation department has made a number of improvements to its facilities in recent months, the most notable being a brand-new gym being put in last fall. Its most recent project included removing the old, drooping nets from each baseball field’s backstop and replacing them with new ones that didn’t hang over batters at the plate, thanks to the help of Putnam County Public Works.

The recreation department’s improved backstops and other preparations will come just in time for the season opener on April 19 as it prepares to host an astounding 312 participants, divided into several teams in a number of different age-based leagues that will compete with each other as well as with teams formed from the recreation departments of Morgan, Greene and Jasper counties.

Due to their proximity and the addition of more competition, the recreation departments of Putnam, Morgan, Greene and Jasper counties often come together and form leagues. While most of Putnam’s baseball leagues will be self-contained this season, a few teams from neighboring counties will have the chance to square off with Putnam County’s finest.

In addition to baseball, the department is also preparing for softball, with 93 of the 312 participants who signed up being softball players. The department is also having several special events such as “Angels in the Outfield,” which is a baseball game for people with special needs, on April 21. The PCRD will also host several tournament events in the summer.

“We’re all excited about this year,” Haley said. “Hopefully, the weather will cooperate and it will feel like spring soon, but we’re ready to go. We’re getting all our work done on the field and everything is coming together.”

A slew of games will take place on April 19 at the Putnam County Recreation Department fields, kicking off what is sure to be a jam-packed season for Putnam County’s next generation of athletes.

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