Putnam could see a title this year

By Brandon Bush


Your favorite dumb Auburn fan is back, friends.

I had my hands tied up a bit last week, so I took a break to allow my colleague Jake McMillian to write a column. I was told he wrote several before I came aboard at The Messenger, so he was an easy choice to fill in.

Before I get into my thoughts for this week, a quick word on the last column I wrote Since writing out my humble request for Lake Country coaches to make better use of MaxPreps.com, I’ve gotten some good feedback from a few coaches on the subject. It turns out some of them have their own reasoning for not using MaxPreps, something I didn’t think about at the time.

I just want to make it clear that my last column was not meant to be a demand, nor was I implying that the coaches whom I work with are doing a bad job at providing information for me. I was simply making the suggestion that using the site would be an efficient way to make coverage of our area’s student-athletes an easier process.

Ultimately, it’s your call if you want to use it or not. As I said before, I’ve mostly got it handled so I can work around not using MaxPreps.

With that out of the way, we can get into the bold prediction I want to make for this week: Putnam County could bring home a state title before the end of the 2017-18 school year.

War Eagle athletics have had a bit of a hard time this year: the football team went 5-5 and missed the playoffs despite starting 3-0, the boys basketball team struggled this year while the girls’ fantastic season came crashing down and the baseball team only has two victories (both against the same opponent, Glascock County) in almost two months.

Things haven’t been completely bleak for Putnam, however. The cross-country team placed ninth out of 29 teams at state this year, the volleyball team finished its regular season as the ninth-ranked Class AA school in the state and the track team has recently found success.

While these feats (and probably more I can’t think of at the moment) show that student-athletes are still thriving at Putnam County High School, it still leaves the void of a championship-caliber team unfilled.

Enter the 12-1-1 War Eagles soccer team.

No disrespect whatsoever to the Lady Eagles’ team; while the Lady Eagles only boast an 8-5-1 record, their 3-1 region record sets them up for a quality postseason push. The Lady War Eagles soccer team should not be overlooked at all this year (after all, two state titles are better than one, especially when your chances are very realistic).

However, if any athletic program at PCHS is going to do it, it’s far and away the boys team. The Eagles are currently undefeated in the region and whether it be a close game (Brenton Nelson’s clutch goal with 14 seconds left to beat Oglethorpe) or a blowout (Putnam’s recent domination of Banks County), each region win has demonstrated a different aspect of Putnam’s powerful team.

The War Eagles have only fallen short of victory twice all year: an early loss against Upson-Lee during the Trojan Cup Tournament and a tie against First Presbyterian Day School during the Viking Cup Tournament. Both of those games were tournament games, meaning that under normal circumstances nobody has come close to victory over the War Eagles.

I could list all the factors that make this team great, but I think it would be better if more people could just see how this team plays. This leads me to my next point: the attendance at games.

I’ve noticed lately that both Putnam soccer teams often take the field with a significantly less-than-packed stadium at their backs. A lot of this can be blamed on a general lack of interest in soccer in our area (as I stated previously, it took most of my life to truly appreciate soccer – thanks to the War Eagles, no less – so it’s understandable).

However, the opportunity to see one of our area’s teams hoist a trophy is worth our entire community’s support. Even if you aren’t all that thrilled about soccer, you should be thrilled by the possibility of Putnam filling the championship void.

This team can go to the big dance and steal the prom queen, but it needs our support to get there.

So, allow me to formally invite you to Putnam’s final three games: April 11 vs. Howard, April 13 vs. Baldwin and April 17 vs. Rabun County (this game could be for all the marbles in region). Even though I’ve just spoken at length about the boys’ team, you should show this same admiration for the Lady War Eagles as well (again, this is a good year for them, too).

Putnam could bring home a title this year, so let’s give it the support and love that champions deserve. I wish you good fortune in the games to come, War Eagles. 

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