Hundreds show up for Never Too Late open house

By Shannon Sneed

Never Too Late, the residential home for boys in foster care, had its Open House Oct. 28 in Monticello. Local and state politicians and representatives from across the state, along with nearly 250 supporters, attended the open house.

The residential home for boys, founded by Dr. John and Dr. Kelly DeGarmo, will provide a home for boys ages 10-18 years old whose parents are unable to care for them. 

The DeGarmos cared for more than 50 children from foster care, including Putnam County children, for nearly 15 years. The limit in Georgia is six foster children at a time; but as the years passed, the DeGarmos would sometimes have up to 11 kids in the house because there were not enough foster homes.

“We wanted to take it to another level, help even more children in care,” said DeGarmo, national development director of Never Too Late. “The number of children being placed into foster care in Georgia has nearly doubled the past two years (from 7,000 to 14,000), due much in part to the opioid crisis. 

“Sadly, there are simply not enough homes to care for these boys. The need is strong throughout Georgia, and throughout the nation. Here at Never Too Late, we are going to bring healing, hope and unconditional love to children in foster care.”  

A non-profit organization, Never Too Late, is designed to accommodate up to 16 boys from the foster care system. 

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