Putam couple killed on roadway

A Putnam County couple was killed in a tragic accident Friday night, Sept. 29, in Washington County, authorities say.

John Lamon, 54, and his wife, Theresa Lamon, 53, are believed to have died instantly just moments after their motorcycle hit a deer and overturned, and an oncoming SUV hit them while they were still laying in the roadway, according to a report by Georgia State Patrol Sgt. David Holland.

The Lamons were traveling along the 1800 block of Linton Road near Sandersville when their 2001 Harley Davidson motorcycle hit a deer and overturned in the roadway. Two residents of a nearby house heard the crash, called 911 and went out to the roadway to help. The witnesses later told the trooper that John was laying in the roadway and Theresa was kneeling over him, both were in the southbound lane, conscious and talking. The witnesses were able to flag down a pickup truck approaching from the south and prevented it from hitting the couple and wreckage. However, when another vehicle approached from the north, they were unable to stop it because of the darkness and lack of lights or other warning equipment, according to the GSP report.

The driver of the 2017 Nissan Rogue, Jacey Hinton, 22, of Sandersville, said she had just met another vehicle coming from the opposite direction and had dimmed her headlights. She said she never saw the couple in the roadway nor the motorcycle because the roadway was extremely dark. 

Hinton was taken by ambulance to the Washington County hospital for treatment. The Lamons were pronounced dead by Washington County Coroner Mark Hodges.

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