Eatonton Police Department commended for full compliance One of only 11 agencies to achieve ‘very difficult’ fulfillment

Eatonton Police Department is one of only 11 agencies across the state to achieve full compliance of the Georgia Crime Information Center audit cycle; and Eatonton Police Chief Kent Lawrence and department staff were commended during a convention in Savannah recently On Tuesday, August 22, staff of the GCIC, a division of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, convened a training symposium for more than 1,200 criminal and non-criminal justice professionals at the Georgia International Trade and Convention Center in Savannah. GBI Director Vernon Keenan, along with Chatham County Sheriff John Wilcher, Mayor Eddie DeLoach and Savannah-Chatham Metro Police Department’s Major John Gavin, welcomed attendees to the conference and Lisa Kemp, of No-Nonsense Training, was the keynote speaker. Classes covered a wide variety of topics, including Conflict Resolution for Public Safety Leaders, Ethics in Public Service, Criminal Justice Policy and Procedures, Gangs, Use of Technology in Law Enforcement, Audit Preparation for Criminal and Non-Criminal Justice Users, Crimes Against At-Risk Adults and Child Exploitation Investigations. The theme of this year’s GCIC Training Symposium was “Portraits of Success” and the roles local and state agencies play in the public safety arena were highlighted and recognized. The Department of Community Supervision received the 2017 FBI N-DEx Excellence in Information Sharing Award, 11 local agencies were commended for achieving full compliance audits, three courts were recognized for their disposition reporting efforts and the Georgia Child Fatality Review program was acknowledged for its efforts in preventing child suicides. GCIC Compliance Specialists completed 280 audits thus far during the 2016-2019 audit cycle, and the Eatonton Police Department is one of only 11 agencies to achieve a full compliance finding during the current audit cycle. As part of the audit process, auditors conduct an administrative interview with appropriate personnel to discuss agency policies and procedures in the areas of system administration, training, system integrity, validation, hit confirmation, record integrity, criminal history file/Interstate Identification Index access, data quality, agency and contractor/vendor personnel security, and technical security. In addition, if applicable policies and procedures for NICS and N-DEx are reviewed. Terri Fisher, GBI deputy director, noted that it is very difficult for an agency to receive a full-compliance finding and that Chief Kent Lawrence and staff are to be congratulated for the hard work they put forth in ensuring Eatonton PD complied with all state and federal criminal justice information systems policies and procedures. Eatonton Police Officer Pat Welch and Warrant Clerk Lucille Crawford attended this year’s GCIC Training Symposium and accepted the Portrait of Success award on behalf of Chief Lawrence and the Eatonton PD.

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