Ga. Department of Driver Services (DDS) warns of unofficial DMV websites, apps charging fees

Department of Driver Services (DDS) Commissioner Spencer R. Moore urges customers to be careful of third party websites and apps when trying to access the Georgia Driver’s Manual or obtain other driver licensing services and information. Third party Internet sites such as and are not connected with or sanctioned by the DDS. The list of imposter websites directed at Georgia drivers is long, but there are tips to ensure you are on the correct site for Georgia drivers.

“Customers have contacted DDS after they realized that they were on a private DMV site that has charged them for information that is free on our website,” Moore said. “DDS does not charge for any training manual or informational material. The official DDS website is  and can also be accessed through the state’s portal” 

Most customers arrive at these sites by doing a browser search for “Georgia DMV,” “Georgia License Renewal” or similar generic searches. Please read the pages of these sites carefully, because by law they are required to inform users that the site is not affiliated with any state or government entity. They are privately owned sites that will have .com or .org at the end of their website address (url). The official state of Georgia websites will have .gov as is the case with 

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