By Lynn Hobbs

This counterfeit $100, used to purchase cigarettes at Ingles, has a yellow feather pen/ink well and pink oriental markings on it.

A local cashier didn’t realize the “crispy” $100 bill handed to her was counterfeit, but when she learned of it later, she at least had recognized the person who gave it to her. After an investigation by Eatonton Police Investigator Howell Cardwell and Police Chief Kent Lawrence, one arrest has been made in connection with the counterfeit money. Lamiro Datress Pennamon, 24, of 115 Town Creek Road, Eatonton, was charged with felony forgery in the first degree. Pennamon used the fake bill to pay for two packs of Newport Cigarettes at Ingles Gas Express on Monticello Road shortly before 6 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 3. He reportedly returned to the gas station a few minutes later to get change for another $100 bill, but the cashier didn’t have enough change. Both incidents were captured on the business’ security video.  The cashier told Eatonton Police Officer Johnny Campbell “the money was good to her because it was crispy,” he wrote in his report. The Ingles store manager reported it to Eatonton Police Department when a customer service employee noticed it. The bill had a yellow feather and container on the front, and pink oriental writing on the back. Through his investigation, Cardwell found Pennamon and talked with him. Pennamon said he had gone to a house in Eatonton with an acquaintance and another woman, and that was where he got the two counterfeit $100 bills. At first, he said he did not know the money was counterfeit, according to Cardwell’s report, “but later in the interview, he said he looked down at the bill before he gave it to the cashier and he knew then it was counterfeit because of the markings on it.” The bill that the cashier had not made change for was found in the console of Pennamon’s car. When asked if there was anywhere else he had cashed a counterfeit $100 bill, Pennamon reportedly said at Dollar General by Lake Oconee. Cardwell passed along the information to Putnam County Sheriff’s Office. The case is still under investigation. In addition to the fake $100 at Ingle’s, other counterfeit money that showed up in Eatonton includes a $10 bill at First Franklin Financial (Aug. 3), a $20 bill at Eatonton Travel Center (Aug, 4), and a $20 bill at Farmers and Merchants Bank in Eatonton (Aug. 4), according to EPD reports. A counterfeit $20 bill also turned up at the Lake Oconee branch of Farmers and Merchants Bank on Aug. 7, via Dairy Queen on Parkside Main, according to PCSO reports.

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