Missing Florida woman found in Eatonton

By Lynn Hobbs


An elderly Florida woman who had been missing two days was found in Eatonton by a Putnam County deputy last week.

The Mount Dora Police Department in Florida issued a Silver Alert Wednesday, June 7, searching for a 74-year-old woman with dementia whose daughter had not been able to find her. The daughter reported to police that her mother was not answering her phone and her debit card was being used in places she was not familiar with.

A Silver Alert, which is a be-on-the-look-out for a missing, endangered adult, is similar to Amber Alerts, which are issued by states when a child is missing.

Putnam County Deputy Sheriff Justin Brock had just finished lunch on his shift June 9 when he received a call about a broke down vehicle on the Madison Highway close to North Union Chapel Road, he said. The 911 dispatcher said there was an elderly woman standing beside the vehicle, which was a Volvo.

When Brock arrived, another couple had stopped and pulled over to help the woman. When he tried talking to the woman, she was confused and thought she was still in Florida, “and her faculties were not all there,” the 14+ years veteran PCSO deputy said. So Brock ran a check on her drivers license and learned of the Silver Alert out of Mount Dora, Fla., approximately 400 miles from where he and the woman were standing.

The deputy called the Mount Dora Police Department and let them know she had been found; and he also called Putnam County EMS to check the woman’s health, and she was okay, he said.

EMS technicians stayed with the woman until her daughter, who lives in Connecticut, could get someone to come to Eatonton to pick her up. Brock said her daughter was so relieved.

“It makes me feel good to know I helped someone find a lost loved one,” Brock said.

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