Lilly’s back!

As a skinny eighth grader competing on a varsity track team, Lilly Bridges had not one pair, but two pairs, of enormous spikes to fill. Not even a freshman at Gatewood School at the time, Bridges would have a hearty breakfast every morning cooked by a former five-time state hurdles champion. Sitting beside her at the breakfast table was one of the Lady Gators’ current crop of preeminent runners on a loaded team.

“If there was pressure... I don’t know, I got used to it pretty quick. I was always the youngest in both basketball and track,” said Lilly Bridges.

As a middle-schooler, Lilly Bridges emerged from the enormous shadows and captured the GISA 100-meters hurdles state championship in 2015, just like her mother, local pharmacist Beth Bridges, did in 1979.

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