Fire hydrant fight over: EPSWA to study cause of failures

EPWSA Director Donna Van Haute, left, listens as Chairman Dr. Steve Hersey expresses frustration over the City of Eatonton’s aged water system. 

After continuing their long-standing debate over who is responsible for repairing and maintaining Eatonton’s troubled water system and fire hydrants, Eatonton-Putnam Water Sewer Authority members finally reached an agreement at their Jan. 18 meeting, approving to spend up to $10,000 to test why some fire hydrants have inoperable water pressure.

EPWSA Chairman Dr. Steve Hersey brought up a previous agreement between Putnam County and the water authority that could clarify which entity is in charge of the system.

Termed “the agreement for merger and transfer of assets of the water system,” Hersey noted the document describes water rates for city customers. 

“Did the city transfer its assets to the county?” Hersey asked EPWSA Attorney John Nix.

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