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By Don Richeson / Staff

EATONTON -- Brer Editor is exiting the Briar Patch. He's swapping the land of the Tar Baby for the land of the Tar Heel. This is the last issue of The Messenger being produced under my editorship. I'm returning to my beloved Blue Ridge Mountains and becoming editor at a western North Carolina newspaper.

In my two stints at The Messenger -- this one and a 2001-2004 one -- I've served as editor here for five years total. I've learned a lot about the community and met many people to whom it will be hard to say good-bye and to whom I should express thanks. This would be particularly true of Messenger President/Publisher A. Mark Smith and his late mother and publisher, Micky Smith. The former knew me from my years working here before and still let me come back!

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C'mon now, look at all you're getting for a mere 75 cents. Newspapers are the real deal. They are filled with value.


I rarely watch television nowadays, especially Saturday morning TV, but a show called "Naturally, Danny Seo" caught my eye one weekend this month. I hadn't heard of "Seo" previously, but a peek later at his Facebook page made me think I was out of the loop on things. It boasted he was "America's leading authority on eco-friendly living." Sounds important.

In terms of capturing my interest, it didn't hurt that in the episode I saw he focused on the usefulness of newspapers. With more than 30 years in the business, newspapers are always going to be a subject near and dear to my heart.

Seo said if you want to have the sweetest smelling shoes around, when you take them off, roll up pages of newspaper and stuff them into the shoes. "The ink has carbon in it and carbon is a natural deodorizer," the eco-guru said. "(The newspaper) is absorbing excess moisture, it's deodorizing and if you put your shoes on (top of a sheet of newspaper), it also absorbs excess toxins on the bottom."

I tried this later and wallah -- no more stinky sneakers. It's also good to keep all those toxins on the shoe bottom out of the house.

A newspaper seems to work a similar sort of magic if you ...

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