Burglars knock hole in Eatonton pharmacy wall to steal drugs

This hole in the wall in the back of the Eatonton CVS store is reportedly how intruders accessed the store during the night. (Contributed photo.)

By Lynn Hobbs / Staff

EATONTON -- Two people of the Atlanta area have been arrested for breaking into CVS store in Eatonton Tuesday morning. Eatonton Police Department responded to an alarm at the pharmacy at 801 Oak St. “in the early morning hours of Feb. 7,” EPD Chief Kent Lawrence said via email Tuesday morning.

EPD Officers Jacob Strock, Johnny Campbell and Harold Wilmot discovered a hole approximately 24-inches in diameter in a wall in the back of the building, through which the intruders climbed into the store.

Lawrence called in the Georgia Bureau of Investigation “because narcotics were taken in the break-in,” he said, but added he “cannot tell yet” what kind of drugs or how much was taken.

The chief said he also called in a Putnam County Sheriff’s Office K-9 unit to assist. Deputy Lyle Manring and K-9 Abby, a bloodhound, tracked the path of one of the burglars along the nearby railroad tracks south to the Georgia DOT maintenance facility, recovering bottles of pills that had been stolen from the store along the way, Putnam County Sheriff Howard Sills told The Messenger.

A car was parked at the GDOT facility, a white Hyundai, that was suspicious to Deputy Mark Adams because it was behind the building and not covered in dew as all other parked vehicles were, Sills said. Looking in the car, Adams saw ...

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