EPWSA is responsible for upkeep of Eatonton's fire hydrants


In October, I submitted a letter to the editor regarding the responsibility for the maintenance for the hydrants in the city of Eatonton. At that time, I stated that I felt that it should rest solely on the residents of the city. I made that judgment based on the information that I had at that time. It was in error.

On Nov. 30, I had a very cordial and informative meeting with Eatonton Mayor Walter Rocker Jr. I had the opportunity to read some very legal documents regarding some changes that were made several years ago. The documents stated that it is the responsibility of the Eatonton-Putnam Water and Sewer Authority to maintain all hydrants in the city of Eatonton. I am now convinced that EPSWA is in fact responsible for the upkeep of said hydrants. I stand corrected.

I want to thank Mayor Rocker for the opportunity to meet with him, and gain some knowledge on this topic.

James W. Spicer


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