Note earlier deadline on election letters

If you are thinking about submitting a letter about a candidate in the upcoming Nov. 8 election, we urge you to act soon.

In keeping with The Messenger's longstanding policy, there is an early cut-off for letters about candidates running in the election. We will only accept letters about the candidates running for the contested Dist. 1 and 2 county commission seat and state representative Dist. 145 seat in one more issue -- our Oct. 27 edition. (The turn-in deadline is Monday morning.) These letters will be run as space permits, but we will make an effort to print as many letters as we can. Letters about candidates will not be published in our last issue before the election (the Nov. 3 issue).

While we cut off readers’ letters about candidates with the Oct. 27 edition, we will allow each candidate to submit a letter himself or herself for the Nov. 3 edition, if he or she so chooses.

The idea here is to prevent a flood of last minute letters just before the election. Often, these types of letters contain outrageous accusations. It would be unfair to publish letters like that in the last issue before the election, when the candidate would have no way to respond in print before the election.

We also encourage letter writers to focus on the merits of their candidates – not the perceived shortcomings of the opponent. Stick to what you know your candidate will do, not what you think his opponent will do.

Positive campaigns are more pleasant. Folks should agree that they can disagree while still being civil and respectful.

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