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Compelling questions ... and maybe a few actual answers

Are the paint-schemers running out of ideas at Darlington?

When AJ Allmendinger is paying homage to a 1990s Busch Series car driven by Robert Pressley, and Erik Jones is honoring spotter Rick Carelli’s old Truck Series colors, yes, maybe it’s time to regroup. But it still seems to be a fun diversion for the teams, and occasionally there’s still a paint job that makes you smile, such as the old Bobby Allison colors that Landon Cassill will run with this weekend.

But other than that …?

Well, hate to keep beating this drum, but the term “special paint scheme” isn’t exactly special these days, since teams tend to run a different paint scheme EVERY week. I’ll say it again: When you turn on the TV and can’t almost immediately find your favorite driver, it’s time to consider permanent team colors, regardless of the weekly shifting of race-day sponsors and their assorted logos and colors. This isn’t the predominant issue right now, but it’s among them.

— Ken Willis,