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Mother turns in son; gun off the streets

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Mother turns in son; gun off the streets

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A Putnam mother turned in her 22-year-old son for possession of a stolen gun recently, according to a report from Putnam County Sheriff’s Office.

The mother reportedly turned over a Glock 19 9mm pistol to Deputy Justin Brown and told him her son had the gun and she believed it was stolen.

The deputy then talked with the son, later identified as Kenneth Crawford.

According to the incident report, he told the deputy an acquaintance in Atlanta had given him the gun “because he didn’t need to be unarmed on the street,” Crawford said he recognized the acquaintance as a former classmate, but did not know his name or where he lived or where he could be found.

A research of the gun’s serial number revealed it was stolen out of Newnan in January. A man there reported to Newnan Police Department that his housekeeper stole the gun along with some other items because she “has a drug problem,” according to police reports. The housekeeper was arrested in January for theft by taking.

Kenneth Wayne Crawford, 22, of Eatonton, was arrested Aug. 4 and charged with felony theft by receiving stolen property.

-- Lynn Hobbs